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​Clear Vinyl Roll Up Curtains

Retractable Sun Shades & Awnings

​Insect screen 

Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is ideal for use in retractable screen systems. Pet resistant and tear & puncture resistant, this screening is stronger than regular insect screening.  At 50% open, your view is never compromised.

Sun shades are ideal when you are looking provide shade for a covered deck, patio or exterior window. Sun shades provide privacy, protection from harmful UV rays, energy savings and reduce glare inside your home. 

Cable guided shades are best suited for lighter wind environments and offer daytime privacy, sun protection and light wind protection when installation of side retention channels is not possible or desired.  The weighted hem bar slide up/down a stainless steel cable which prevents the shade from moving in breezy conditions.  

Shade Fabric

Shading with a view

Option Clear Vinyl Inserts with VCP Fabric

w restrictions, shades with side retention channels may be fabricated with vinyl coated polyester fabric with clear vinyl window inserts.  However, you'll need to hire a contractor or be willing to install them as a DYI project.

  • Instant Shading

  • UV RAY Protection

  • energy savings

  • glare reduction 

Side retention 

Sealed stability in moderate wind

Sun Shades

Manual & Power

Sun Control Screening

​Offering clear view through fabric with natural light and glare control. With fabric openness ranging from 5% to 20%, reduces solar heat gain and provide solar protection. Shade fabric available from:

  • Twitchell 
  • Mermet 
  • Phifer

Cable Guided Shades

Sun protection in light wind

The side retention channels capture the edges of the shade when unrolled providing a sealed wind resistant shade. The channels eliminates gaps at the shade edges and provide an ideal barrier to pesky insects. Provides a combination of sun protection and complete wind resistant enclosure system.

Shade Operation

Manual Crank and Powered Screens

Powered sun shades are conveniently controlled via a hand held remote control.  The shade motors are manufactured by Somfy and are covered by a 5 year non-prorated warranty. The manual shades are operated via a manually crank gear operator with a detachable crack handle.  


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