Peachtree corners, Georgia

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​Clear Vinyl Roll Up Curtains

Retractable Sun Shades & Awnings

Curtain Fabric

Clear Marine Vinyl with Sunbrella or Vinyl Coated Polyester Sourrounds

Edge Finish

Hemmed, Twistlock or Zippered

  • stops the rain

  • Retains the warmth

  • blocks the wind

Zippered Edges

The most wind resistant fastening method consists of a #10 YKK outdoor zipper sewn along the curtains's vertical edges.  The porch mounted side of the zipper along with a strip of fabric (know as the "zipper tab") is loaded into a receiver channel. When zipped, the curtains provide a highly wind resistant snug environment.


Weblon Vinyl Coated Polyester Fabric  is a waterproof marine fabric designed to provide protection from harsh environments. The fabric has the exclusive Rain Kleen® finish that prolongs the life and color of the fabric, cleans easily, and looks great. This fabric has excellent durability and abrasion resistance as well as UV, water, mildew, heat, and cold, resistance.

Hemmed Edge

Curtains with hemmed edges are secured at the bottom only with straps to provide a taut fit.  Hemmed edge curtains function much like an umbrella for your porch.  They will keep must of the rain off your porch but offer the least wind resistance.

Clear Vinyl

Available is 20 or 30 mil, the clear vinyl is mildew & UV resist.  Double polished for good optical clarity.  The clear vinyl remains flexible is cooler weather and is cold crack rated to 0 degrees F.

Also available in a fire-rated version.  Please note that the additives that make the clear vinyl fire-resistant reduce the useful life of the vinyl.

​clear vinyl

Roll up curtains

Our curtains are made to fit your porch and they come fully assembled, ready to hang. That means you get the best possible fit and function - not a one-size fits all product. Plus, you can choose your fabric, rolling method and edge finish for beautiful curtains you'll love for years of protection and enjoyment. 

Twist Lock Fasteners

Known as "Common Sense" fasteners, these fasteners feature a curtain installed grommet and porch mounted stud with a spring mechanism that holds the curtain edge until turned and released by hand.

Hand Roll

As the name suggests, these simply rolled curtains are hand rolled for the bottom to the top and are stored with straps. They are best suited for shorter curtains whose top rail is easily accessible for the ground or or porch floor.  With no cleated cords when rolled, they offer a clutter free appearance when the curtains are not in use.

Cord & Pulley

The fully assembled cord & pulley roll up curtain offer the convenience of rolling long curtains that are too tall to easily roll without aid of a ladder or step stoll.  Simply unfasten the curtain panel from its edge and bottom anchors and roll the curtain up.  Cleat the cords and the curtain are ready for the next time they are needed.


100% woven marine grade fabric is considered the standard cover cloth in the outdoor industry because of its fantastic color options, high resistance to fading, and long life span. Sunbrella is a soft, breathable, solution-dyed acrylic fabric that is UV, water, and mildew resistant.

Rolling Method

Cord & Pulley or Hand Roll